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It is the policy of CMI Insulation Inc., to provide equal opportunity for all CMI Insulation employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, color, gender, age, national origin or physical handicaps. Positive action shall be taken to ensure the fulfillment of this policy.

It is the policy of CMI Insulation, Inc. to comply with the rules and regulations of the State of Ohio, Governor's Executive Order of January 27, 1972; the State EEO Bid Conditions and Executive Order 84-9. It is the Policy of CMI Insulation to comply with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Executive Order No. 11246 and its amending orders.

Persons who believe they have been discriminated against, treated unfairly or would like additional information about the CMI Insulation Equal Opportunity Policy shall contract the CMI Insulation EEO Coordinator at 16320 Miles Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio, telephone: 216-991-8600.

Copies of the CMI Insulation's Affirmative Action Policy shall be available to all employees or applicants upon request and shall be prominently posted in places where CMI Insulation conducts business.